Sunday, June 27, 2010

Job Hunting

Finding a job might turn out to be easier than I expected. If all goes well I'll be employed by Holiday Inn cleaning and doing laundry and being revoltingly domestic. But I'm actually pretty happy with it. Compared to what I could be doing that sounds just fine with me. They hire a lot apparently and my mom knows someone who works there who has put in a good word for me. I may even go apply tomorrow. I'm anxious to have something to do.

I really miss college. This is the first time I've ever missed school and it will definitely be the first time I'll be happy to see it start again. My therapist recommended that I look into the possibility of majoring in social work rather than sociology since it would likely increase my chances of getting a job. I really don't know... I think I will take an intro to social work course though to see how I feel about it and to get an idea of the kinds of careers sociologists and social workers have to see where I might want to go from here. Unfortunately the ones being offereed in the fall are full, but there's no rush since I'm still getting through the required credits. I am taking sociology of gender roles, though. That could be very mentally stimulating or it could be really, really irritating. We'll see.

Day one of the break went all right. I only cried once. Other than that I've just been annoyed.

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